Can Air Conditioning Cause Headaches?

Having an air conditioner is essential to combat those warm summer. But enjoying that ice-cold, amazing indoor air sometimes comes with some trade-offs. As you sit there enjoying the cool indoor air blowing through your home, have you ever had a headache come on?

Keep the Aspirin Handy

The unfortunate truth is, air conditioning does sometimes cause headaches. In most people, it’s not an incredibly common occurrence. However, nursing a headache is not how you want to spend a hot summer day. You’re probably wondering: how does this happen? What factors cause these headaches? We’ve detailed the most common factors below.

Dry, Dry Air

One of the primary functions of our AC units involves sucking the humidity out of the air. While this process results in cool, comfortable indoor air, it can also mean drastic changes to our bodies. As your indoor air becomes less humid, that also means less moisture for our bodies. In the summer, it’s always vital you drink enough water anyway, but be sure to keep drinking while indoors to prevent a dehydration headache.

Allergens in the Air

When our AC units are working effectively, cool air is properly circulated throughout the home, creating cool, comfortable temperatures for the whole family. However, particulates like dust, pollen, and other allergens accompany this cool air from your system. These irritants can cause your allergies or sinuses to act up, potentially triggering a headache. Scheduling an indoor air quality test and seeking out IAQ solutions can mediate this problem.

Loud System Operation

Another potential headache factor might have to do with your system’s operating noise. If your system isn’t properly maintained, is having operation issues, or is very old, this could lead to loud operation noises. If the room where you’re spending time is close to your AC unit, you’re likely being affected by noise and vibrations.

Mold Growth

Another way your air conditioner can cause headaches involves the growth of mold. If you have a damp or wet location in your home, mold growth can happen very easily. This mold can be found in your AC unit, in your ductwork, or at various locations throughout your home. While you can usually see or smell mold, it can also be hard to detect. It’s best to seek a professional for a home inspection.

Get Help from Furnasman

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