Discover The Comfort Of A Whole House Humidifier

When the days get colder, the air also becomes much drier. To add moisture to their homes, many people use humidifiers. While small, room-based humidifiers can replace some moisture, they may not be adequate to replace enough moisture throughout a home, especially a larger one. One alternative is a whole house humidifier.

If you have been debating between portable humidifiers and a single whole home humidifier, here are some aspects to consider:

Your comfort

Spending lots of time in very dry air can cause cracked and itchy skin, dry noses, sore throats, and aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms. It can also increase those annoying instances of static electricity. A whole home humidifier can easily alleviate these symptoms by replenishing lost moisture.

Your health

In addition to minimizing asthma- and allergy-related issues, increasing the humidity throughout your home can reduce the incidence of colds, flu, and respiratory conditions that can thrive in environments with lower humidity.

Your home

In addition to your health, obtaining a whole house humidifier can also improve the home itself and almost everything in it. For example, hardwood floors can become cracked because of a lack of humidity, and too much dryness can negatively impact wooden furniture.

Increased energy efficiency

Turning up the temperature in your home will increase the heat level when it is cold outside, but will not necessarily make you feel warmer if your humidity levels are too low. By installing a whole house humidifier, you can feel comfortable even when the thermostat is set lower. This can help you save on your heating bills by as much as four per cent for every degree.

Time savings

Installing a whole house humidifier will cost you time and money. If you already have a portable humidifier, then buying a new system may seem superfluous. Think again. To achieve the same levels of humidity and comfort in your home, you will need to purchase multiple portable humidifiers throughout your home, which has its own cost. Furthermore, you will need space to keep each unit, and then you will have to fill each of those portable humidifiers with water at least once a day, if not more. However, a whole home humidifier that connects directly to your heating and ventilation system will ensure that humidity levels are relatively constant no matter where you are in your home.

Examine your options

You can install a whole house humidifier regardless of whether you have an existing heating system or plan on getting a new one. You can even find whole house humidifiers for homes with baseboard or radiant heating. Don’t be afraid of cooler temperatures; with a whole house humidifier, you can be comfortable and in good health regardless of the weather.