How Your Thermostat Can Save You Money

Did you know you could save a lot of money simply by updating your thermostat or changing its settings? A non-programmable thermostat can waste up to 20% of your total energy usage each month! A programmable thermostat costs a little more up front than a regular thermostat but it will pay for itself in heating and cooling savings in a year or less if you use all of its features. We'll show you how digital programmable thermostats work, how much money they can potentially save you, and some simple steps you can take to ensure you are not wasting money needlessly on heat you don't even need.

How programmable thermostats work

A basic programmable thermostat model allows you to program you and your family's own personal heating and cooling schedule. This could be the same every day of the week, and within each day you can choose temperatures that suit certain times. It truly is as simple as that! Once programmed, the thermostat will do everything for you. Your system will come on at the time you choose and switch up, down or off when needed.

The more complex designs will also reduce the amount of energy you use, and they offer more flexibility, and an even better reduction in what you spend. For example, you can buy thermostats that will allow you to remotely access your system when you’re away from home or the office. So if something unexpected comes up and you’re not coming home at the time you programmed your system to turn on, you can override the program so it won’t turn on yet.

It’s even possible to change the settings from your computer or mobile device, so your system can adapt to things like the local weather or humidity levels. Having this option is particularly useful if an unexpected heat wave occurs and you want to switch your system off.

Some intuitive models can also tell you how much energy you’re using and how you can change your schedule to enhance energy use by analyzing factors such as local weather conditions, how large your building is, and how much activity there is.

How much you'll save with a programmable thermostat

The amount of savings you'll see all depends on how complex your thermostat model is. In other words, the more advanced the technology used the more you save. That being said, even the most basic of basic programmable thermostats could save you in excess of 15% on your energy bills. The more intricate models can save you 20% plus. That equates to hundreds of dollars each year in savings for you.

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