Your Furnace – It Is Time To Replace It?

Find out what furnace problems may be causing those noises you hear

Like every other mechanical system, your furnace may make some noises while operating. While some of these noises can be normal, others can signal that something is not right. If not addressed quickly, you could find yourself needing extensive furnace repairs. Here are some furnace sounds you may hear and what they could mean:


Once you turn on your furnace, it is normal to hear a single click – this is the sound of the ignition. But additional clicking either after the ignition starts or before the blower turns on can signify other furnace problems, such as issues with the ignition or heat exchanger.


Rumbling noises can indicate a number of issues. For example, it could mean that your burners are dirty and need to be cleaned. If your furnace has a pilot light, the rumbling could mean that the light needs to be adjusted. Simple preventative maintenance can catch these furnace problems before they become larger ones.


If you hear a swooshing sound from your furnace followed by either a bang or a click, you may have a leak in your gas valves. Shut off your gas line to avoid any buildup of gas and call a furnace repair technician immediately.


If you hear squealing noises from your furnace, similar to that heard in a car or vacuum, it probably has a loose belt. It could also indicate an air leak in your furnace. Get your furnace serviced or replaced to prevent damage and additional repairs.


Loud screeching is never a good sign, from your furnace or otherwise. There could be a number of reasons for this noise, such as a faulty belt, worn out bearings, or blower motor problem. Call a technician as soon as you can to prevent more serious issues with your model.


A boom may seem ominous, but it isn’t necessarily. A “quiet” boom could simply be the warm air storage box on top of your furnace expanding as it fills with air, and is often no cause for concern. On the other hand, loud and frequent booms should be a reason for worry. These noises can be caused by a delayed ignition or dirty burners, and is due to small amounts of gas exploding after building up. If you hear these loud booms from your furnace, call your HVAC professional right away.

Regular preventive furnace maintenance will ensure that your furnace functions optimally, helps your energy bills remain lower, and keeps your furnace in good working condition for longer. But even with such maintenance, furnace problems can occur, which can necessitate a replacement. If you hear any of the noises listed above, contact your furnace repair professional right away to see if you need repairs or a new furnace, and enjoy a comfortable home at any time of the year.

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