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24 Hour Furnace Repair in Winnipeg

Furnace Repair Services in Winnipeg

Is your furnace on the fritz? No need to worry –the team at Furnasman Heating and Air Conditioning has got your back! With qualified technicians and years of experience, homeowners can rest assured knowing their home is in good hands! 

Get 24/7/365 Expert Furnace Repair Services in Winnipeg

With over 80 years of experience partnering with homeowners throughout the Winnipeg area and surrounding neighborhoods, our team of certified HVAC technicians is well-equipped to provide you with high-quality repairs that will have your heating system back up and operating correctly in no time.

No matter the time of day or year, you can count on us to accommodate your Same Day repair needs! We’re available 24/7/365 days a year, including after-hours, weekends, and holidays at no extra cost!

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Furnace Repair Services in Winnipeg

A well-maintained and properly functioning furnace is crucial for keeping your home warm and comfy during the colder months of the year. However, when not taken care of correctly, your heating system can become prone to problems that require professional repairs. Here are some of the types of tasks our team of certified HVAC technicians will conduct during your appointment

1. The beginning of your appointment: Determining the problem is the first step in furnace repair. To locate the issue’s origin, our HVAC technicians will employ sophisticated equipment and knowledge to inspect parts and run tests. Once the problem with your furnace is identified, a technician will proceed with the necessary repairs or replacements. This can involve fixing or replacing specific components, modifying settings, and more.

2. Cleaning and maintenance: Critical furnace parts, including the burners, heat exchanger, blower fan, and air filter, are often cleaned by HVAC professionals if they show significant signs of deterioration. Regular maintenance will help your furnace operate efficiently once everything is said and done.

3. Replacement of the air filter: Reduced airflow and decreased heating efficiency may result from a blocked or dirty air filter. To guarantee optimal operation, technicians frequently change or clean air filters as part of your repair service.

4. Ignition repair: Repairing the ignition system is essential since it kickstarts the heating process in gas furnaces. It may be necessary to fix or replace parts like the pilot light or igniter.

5. Security checks: Furnace repair places a high focus on safety. To make sure there are no gas leaks, carbon monoxide problems, or additional health risks, technicians will conduct safety inspections. This includes inspecting the exhaust and venting systems.

6. Duct inspection: A technician may check the ductwork to make sure there are no leaks or obstructions that could affect how the warm air is distributed.

7. Thermostat calibration: The expert will adjust the thermostat if the problem is with it in order to ensure precise temperature control.

8. Electrical repairs: Furnace repairs frequently involve replacing or fixing electrical parts. 

9. Gas valve inspection: To maintain an appropriate fuel supply, the gas valve and related parts in gas furnaces may be checked and fixed.

10. System testing: The furnace is then rigorously checked when repairs are finished to make sure it is operating correctly. This includes evaluating the system’s effectiveness and temperature emission.

11. Recommendations: Technicians may make suggestions for routine maintenance and give guidance on how to maximize the efficiency and life of your furnace.

For a home to remain secure and comfortable, prompt furnace repairs are necessary. It’s also essential that you work with a licensed HVAC technician to manage the repairs efficiently and safely. 

Therefore, if you believe the furnace in your home is not functioning correctly, there may be something wrong internally that needs to be repaired by a professional HVAC technician.

Furnasman Heating and Air Conditioning is available 24/7/365 days a year, including after-hours, weekends, and holidays, at no extra charge to you for all repair and maintenance services! Call and speak to us directly, or use our online booking form!

There are a number of symptoms and signs that could point to a broken furnace. To guarantee that your heating system continues to run safely and effectively, it’s crucial to take immediate action on these problems. Here are a few common signs that your furnace may require repairs:

·  Insufficient heating: If your furnace isn’t heating your home as well as it once did or if some rooms are cooler than others, there may be an issue with the heating components or the circulation system.

·  Strange noises: Strange or loud noises emanating from your furnace may be a sign of mechanical or circulation problems, loose parts, or issues with the blower motor or fan.

·  Increased energy costs: If your energy costs climb abruptly or gradually without an associated rise in usage, your furnace may need repair.

·  Short cycling: If your furnace often switches on and off in brief cycles, there may be a problem with the thermostat, block air filters, or a heat exchanger.

·  Uneven heating: Issues with the blower motor, ductwork, or air circulation system might result in inconsistent heating throughout your home.

·  Thermostat inaccuracy: If the temperature in your home differs from what is set on the thermostat or if the thermostat is broken, it may need to be adjusted or repaired.

·  Pilot light: A yellow or flashing pilot light in a gas furnace may be an indication of an issue with combustion.

·  Visible damage: For safety reasons, it is essential to act quickly to repair any apparent cracks or damage to the furnace, heat exchanger, or other parts.

·  Off smells: Unusual scents, such as gas or oil smells, may point to a gas or oil leak, which is a severe safety issue that needs to be attended to right away. 

·  Lack of maintenance: Your furnace is more vulnerable to problems if it hasn’t had routine maintenance. Decreased efficiency and a greater need for repairs are consequences of neglecting maintenance.

It is advised to call a qualified HVAC specialist to evaluate and diagnose the issue if you observe any of these symptoms. Ignoring furnace problems can result in expensive repairs, lower efficiency, and safety hazards.

As such, if you notice any of these signs around your home, we suggest reaching out to the team at Furnasman Heating and Air Conditioning as soon as possible to schedule a repair appointment.

The certified HVAC team at Furnasman Heating and Air Conditioning is available 24/7/365 days a year! That includes after-hours, weekends, and holidays at no extra charge! Call and schedule your furnace repair in Winnipeg today!

Several issues can lead to water leakage from a furnace. Here’s a closer look:

·  Blockage of the condensate drain line: Condensate is the result of combustion produced by high-efficiency gas furnaces. Water might leak from the furnace if the condensate drain line becomes obstructed.

·  Issues with the humidifier: If your furnace has a humidifier, problems with the humidifier unit or the water supply can result in water leaks.

·  Clogged Filter: A filter that is blocked or unclean might restrict airflow and lead to an overheated furnace. Water leaks can occur when the furnace overheats and melts the moisture that has built up in the heat exchanger.

·  Improper ventilation: If the venting system is installed incorrectly or has leaks, moisture may enter the furnace through venting issues, causing condensation and water leaks.

·  Clogged drain pan: Some furnaces feature a drain pan beneath the appliance to catch condensation. The drain pan may overflow and spill water if it becomes clogged with debris.

·  Broken heat exchanger: Older furnaces may have damaged heat exchangers, which can let combustion gases mingle with the indoor air and cause condensation and water leaks. Because it poses a risk to safety, a fractured heat exchanger is a significant problem that needs to be fixed right away.

·  Inadequate duct insulation: Poor duct insulation can cause condensation to form on the outside of ducts if it runs through wet or cold parts of your house, such as a crawl space or an unheated basement. When the moisture drips onto your furnace, it could cause water leaks.

Turning off the furnace and calling a licensed HVAC professional to identify and fix the problem are both imperatives if you find water leaking from your furnace. Ignoring water leaks could result in severe harm to the furnace and possible safety risks.

Therefore, if your home’s furnace is leaking water, reach out to the professional and experienced HVAC team from Furnasman Heating and Air Conditioning for assistance! Our team is available 24/7/365 days a year, including after-hours, weekends, and holidays, at no extra cost to you for all repairs and maintenance services!

Call and schedule a consultation appointment with the certified HVAC team at Furnasman Heating and Air Conditioning in Winnipeg, Manitoba, today!

If your furnace is blowing cold air, there are several reasons why this may be happening. Here is a closer look:

·  Thermostat settings: Your thermostat settings may be set to the wrong mode.

·  Problems with the pilot light or ignition: A gas furnace’s pilot light or ignition system may not be functioning correctly, which could lead to chilly air blowing through the system.

·  Clogged air filter: By limiting airflow and causing the furnace to overheat and turn the burners off, a clogged or dirty air filter can cause these problems.

·  Blocked vents: Check to see if the intake pipes and exhaust vents are free of obstacles. The combustion process might be hampered by a clogged vent or flue, which will result in the furnace blowing chilly air.

·  Gas supply problems: A gas supply that is insufficient or interrupted may stop the furnace from properly igniting, causing chilly air to blow through the system.

·  Blower fan problems: Issues with the blower fan or its motor may make it challenging to distribute warm air efficiently. Even if the burners are working properly, a broken blower might cause chilly air to blast.

·  Electrical problems: Electrical difficulties, such as a broken thermostat, defective wiring, or a bad control board, can prevent the furnace from heating, which results in frigid air.

·  Improper sizing: If your furnace isn’t big enough to heat your house, it can struggle to do so, which could cause chilly air to blast from the system.

Is your furnace struggling to heat up and blowing cool air? If so, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Furnasman Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule a repair appointment! We’re available 24/7/365 days a year, including after-hours, weekends, and holidays, at no extra cost for repairs and maintenance services!

Reach out to us over the phone or use our online booking form! We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Over 80 Years of Experience:  We know a thing or two about furnace repair. After all, Furnasman has been serving the Winnipeg area since 1939.
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We stand behind our people and our work, so much so that we guarantee it. For up to 2 years from the day we install your furnace, we will repair, replace, or refund whatever necessary until you are 100% satisfied.

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Up to 2 years after the installation date we ensure your system is operating to manufacture specifications or your money back. No Loopholes™, no problem.


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We’ll cover the repairs within 24-hours if your furnace breaks down within 2 years of installation, or give you $1,000 for your troubles. Same Day Repairs, No hassles, guaranteed.


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We’ll make it right if your furnace is too hot or too cold, including a complete replacement if necessary. Just right, guaranteed.


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We’ll keep your home clean and damage-free, or you’ll get our full, 5-year Just Right™ Check Up Protection Plan for free. We respect you, guaranteed.

What Homeowners Say About Furnasman’s HVAC Services

“Our furnace was pretty much toast, I was advised by Hydro to replace it within the week. Kelly came to my home, took measurements, asked the right stuff and was so thorough in providing information and tips that I had absolutely no questions for him. He helped me to choose not only what we needed but what we could afford and filled out all the Hydro paperwork. Don and the other young man who came for the install were fantastic, they even swept up OUR mess from the floor! This team really made what could have been a nightmare turn out to be an easy and even pleasant experience. Thank you to the incredible team at Furnasman!”​

“We had Furnasman install a new furnace for us a week ago and a small leak was detected by the inspector so Shaun from furnaceman came out to correct the problem. His friendly and very knowledgeable visit was extremely positive. He corrected the small problem very quickly and re-tested the entire gas line near the furnace for any other concerns. He answered without hesitation the few questions I had for him regarding our new unit. I will be asking for him personally when it comes time for an annual inspection and service.”​

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All our installations are backed by guarantees to leave you happy in your home.

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We offer true twenty-four-hour service, with no additional charges on holidays or after hours.

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We have over 80 years of experience in serving local homes and families.

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All of our technicians go through extensive training and background checks.

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We have a 4.6 star rating on Google and an 89% rating on HomeStars.

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Very happy I called Furnasman Heating & Air Conditioning. After reading so many awesome reviews on google I knew this was the company to call. I had serviceman Shaun Callao over…so polite and helpful. After he performed maintenance on our furnace & air conditioner and I received excellent service & advice I knew I made a right choice. I highly recommend this company and have spread the word to my family, friends and co-workers. Thank you Furnasman for being an honest and respectful business in town.“​