Uv Air Purifier - Do You Need One?

If it has been many years since you've gotten a new heating or air conditioning system, you will likely be surprised at how many options and add-ons are now available. One of these is the UV air purifier, which works with your HVAC system to improve the effectiveness of whole-house purification systems. Here is some information about this option:

What Does a UV Air Purifier Do?

This component works by exposing the air that passes it to UV light. Some units can be positioned so that nearby components, such as your air conditioner's coils, are exposed to the light as well. The point of exposing the air to UV light is to help kill microbes like mold and bacteria. It will also kill surface mold on any components that are exposed to the light.

Is a UV Purifier Enough to Give You Clean Air?

A properly-installed UV purifier will get rid of microbes, but it does not eliminate all contaminants from the air. Dust, fibers, and other non-living material is unaffected. Pollen also will not be neutralized since it doesn't have to be actively growing or alive to cause allergic reactions. Because of this, a UV air purifier is used in conjunction with HEPA filters or other technology. The filters capture the non-living material that isn't affected by UV exposure.

Is a UV Air Purifier Safe?

This type of a system is perfectly safe when properly installed. Its light is contained within your HVAC system, so those in the house are not exposed to it. Only the air passing through it and the components that are within range of the unit have any exposure. To ensure proper installation, be sure to hire a qualified HVAC contractor like us. We have the experience needed to get the job done right the first time.

Who Needs a UV Air Purifier?

Many who use UV-based air purifiers have household conditions that are prone to mold. If you keep your home sealed up all winter, live in a humid climate, suffer from allergies, need to eliminate pet odors, or find that your HVAC ducts need frequent cleaning, your house is a great candidate for this upgrade.

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