When Is My AC Ready For Warmer Weather?

can you make sure your air conditioner is ready for warmer weather?

After a long, cold Winnipeg winter, it’s hard to imagine wanting to get away from the warmth of spring and summer. Having said that, spring is a great time to tune up your home’s air conditioner to make sure you’re ready when the summer heat gets as extreme as winter's cold. Here are some ways to prepare your air conditioner for summer:

Clean or change the filter

Air conditioners have a filter to trap any dirt or obstructions. Over the winter, debris may have entered the unit. If left for too long this could potentially lead to inefficient cooling performance and possibly repair needs. Over time, this filter becomes clogged, and during the summer it usually needs to be changed (or cleaned if it’s a permanent filter) once a month. You’ll want to make sure that the A/C  begins the summer with a clean filter, so have it changed/cleaned during the spring.

​Take your A/C  for a “test run”

It’s likely that you haven’t needed to turn your air conditioner on for quite a few months. Turn it on now and let it run for an hour or so. Look for any signs of trouble including strange noises, low airflow from the vents, warms spots in the house, or a non-responsive thermostat, etc. If you do notice anything that seems off, it’s a wise idea to have any necessary repair work done now, rather than wait until you really need the air conditioner to cool down your house.

Schedule a maintenance appointment

This is the most important step in preparing your A/C. Every year it is necessary to schedule a spring maintenance visit by a professional. During this visit, the technician will thoroughly inspect your A/C  system, checking the coils, the electrical connections, the motors, the condensate drain, and so on. The technician will then make any necessary adjustments and tune-ups to ensure that it will work at its best. Routine maintenance will not only ensure that your A/C  is in peak shape, it will give you the peace of mind that there is very little chance it will break down during the summer heat.

Furnasman offers maintenance service for all types of air conditioners. Get a spring tune-up on your home’s A/C  today before the rush so you can enjoy a safe, comfortable and hassle-free summer.